Facts About Alternatives for Flossing

It is important for you to floss if you’re interested in maintaining a healthy mouth. Flossing can reach places that your toothbrush can’t get to. But there are many individuals who struggle with flossing for a number of reasons. Fortunately, alternative options such as water floss can help everyone maintain great oral health. Toothbrushes can’t… Read more »

Making Smiles Strong Again with Dental Implants

Do you have a gap in your smile where a tooth used to be? Don’t let Christmas come around and show a gapped smile to your in-laws. Having a missing tooth can also cause tooth decay, tooth slippage, and gum disease. Come to and we can restore your smile with a dental implant, which will… Read more »

Fun Facts about Your Pearly Whites

At and our team want our patients in , , to know just how important their smile is. In fact, your smile consists of several parts working together–teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue, throat, and saliva production all make up a healthy smile. To help you appreciate your teeth, here are some fun facts about your pearly whites:… Read more »

Digital X-Rays Are Important Tools to Understand Your Smile

Dr. and our team at in , , are here to help you with all of your oral care needs. We employ digital radiography, also known as digital X-rays to spot exactly what is happening in your mouth. The goal is to find problems before they become serious and treatment options are least invasive. We… Read more »