Dr. Pallavi Rakesh utilizes intraoral cameras to examine parts of your mouth that would otherwise be difficult to see. These cameras provide us with high-quality images of the inside of your mouth, helping us to spot any developing problems and quickly provide the treatments you need to bring you back to full oral health. Call Ace Dentistry Family Dental & Cosmetic Dentist today at 678-562-1555 for more information about intraoral cameras in Alpharetta, Georgia, and to set up your appointment with our caring dentist.An intraoral camera is a small, pen-like tool that many dentists use to get a closer, more detailed look at different areas of your smile. Even though the intraoral camera is small in size, it can take high-definition images that our dentist can then use to evaluate your oral health. The camera’s small size also makes it easy for our dentist and team to move it around the mouth without causing the patient any discomfort. The camera can reach areas that are more difficult to see with the naked eye, and take images at various angles to provide a more detailed and comprehensive examination.

Our dentist may use an intraoral camera during your routine checkup to more accurately diagnose your oral health. With an intraoral camera, we can identify issues such as gum disease, tooth decay, and chipped or cracked teeth. With early detection, we can provide early treatment, ultimately helping you avoid further damage and more extensive or expensive treatment.

As our dentist takes images with an intraoral camera, the images are projected to a nearby screen, where you, the patient, can also view them. This means that you can see what our dentist sees, giving you a better and clearer understanding of your oral health. Because the images produced by the intraoral camera are digital, our office can send them to any specialists who are a part of your treatment, as well as to your insurance company if needed.

If you would like to know more about how we use an intraoral camera to provide better, more comprehensive dental care, we invite you to call or visit us today, and talk with a member of our caring team!

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