Ace Dental Care offers dental veneers to redesign and reshape your smile. Our dentist uses these thin, tooth-colored shells to correct a variety of small flaws, from tiny cracks to slightly misshaped teeth. Give us a call today at 678-562-1555 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Pallavi Rakesh and to learn more about dental veneers in Alpharetta, Georgia! Otherwise known as porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates, dental veneers are thin, custom made shells that are designed to look as natural as your own teeth. Veneers are used on the surface of a tooth and are bonded to the tooth, to change the size, shape, color, or even length. They resist stains; however, porcelain veneers resist better than the composite ones. When you visit us, we can discuss what type of material would best suit you.

Veneers are a great solution for:

  • Discolored teeth, from either root canal treatment, side effects from medication, and excessive fluoride
  • Gaps in-between teeth to close the space
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Uneven, misaligned, or oddly-shaped teeth, such as those with craters and bulges

Veneers normally take about 3 visits to complete. The first step is typically the diagnosis and treatment planning, which involves your participation. Then, the dentist will prep the tooth by removing a small portion of enamel from the tooth surface. An impression is then taken and then the veneer will be temporarily placed to ensure its matches, with multiple fits. After the tooth is cleaned and the veneer is applied, an LED light is then used to “cure” it, ensuring its durability. You many need a follow-up visit after to check how responsive your gums are and to check the veneer’s placement.

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