Dental crowns, also referred to as “caps,” are metallic or nonmetallic dental prostheses used to replace a missing tooth or strengthen a weak one. A dental crowns procedure usually involves two appointments, and both visits are absolutely painless.

Crowns are available in various materials ,such as ceramic, gold, silver and stainless steel. Each dental crowns type comes with its share of pros and cons, and the dental crowns cost varies depending on it.

Dental Crown Advantages

  • Dental crowns protect the tooth and the fillings in the tooth by covering it on all sides.
  • They encircle the tooth to prevent further decay.
  • They solve the problem of a filling popping out every other day.
  • A string of dental crowns for a dental bridge can replace missing teeth.
  • Dental crowns are essential in smile makeovers.

Do Dental Crowns Have Any Side Effects?

No! Dental crowns in Alpharetta do not come with any long lasting side effects. You may experience mild sensitivity soon after getting it fixed. For patients who have a habit of teeth grinding, a dental crown might wear away with time. Hence a night guard is advised.

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