Dental Emergencies in Atlanta: We’ve Got You Covered!

A dental emergency is a real scenario that demands an immediate call to action outside your dentist’s usual business hours. They can occur unexpectedly and at the most inconvenient times, causing pain, discomfort, and anxiety. Dental emergency Atlanta is witness to a variety of situations like a painful toothache, a damaged tooth, a knocked-out tooth, or any urgent dental problem,... read more »

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease?

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Periodontal Disease? A periodontal disease is a severe form of gum disease which is a condition that commonly impacts your gums and the supportive tissues surrounding your pearly whites. It is unquestionably a serious condition that can often lead to tooth loss and other oral complications if it is left untreated. Today we... read more »

Understanding Dental Insurance so You Can Get the Dental Care Your Smile Needs

When it comes to your oral health, it's important to remember that dental insurance benefits are different from medical insurance benefits and most often don't cover all dental services. For example, some policies cover only basic services with annual limits on benefit payments.  Still, having dental insurance helps you maintain a healthier smile along with better overall health and wellbeing.... read more »

Your Gum Health Is As Important as Your Teeth for a Healthy Mouth and Body

February isn’t just the month when we celebrate all things love; it’s also Gum Disease Awareness Month. Why not show your gums some love? Because your gum health is vital for a healthy smile (and body). Gum disease is linked to Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, pneumonia, coronary artery disease, diabetes, liver cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Our goal this month is to... read more »

This Holiday Season, Why Not Give the Gift of a Healthy, More Beautiful Smile?

This holiday season, why not celebrate healthy smiles for yourself and your loved ones? Flashing a healthy smile can bring joy to loved ones and strangers alike, boost your self-confidence, and brighten your mood, as well as those you share your smile with. Our wish this holiday season is to help you experience the joys of a healthy, appealing smile.  ... read more »

This American Diabetes Month, We Have Some Tips To Protect Your Teeth and Gums! 

November isn’t just Thanksgiving: It’s also National Diabetes Month. This disease affects around 37 million Americans, including adults and young people. Oral health is closely linked to health issues, including diabetes, and vice versa. Along with your primary care doctor and other specialists, your health care team should also include your dentist!     People with diabetes are more prone to cavities... read more »