Do you have a missing tooth that shows up every time you smile? Have you already tried dentures and found them difficult to maintain? Well then, dental implants in Atlanta will come to your rescue!

Do you need a dental implant?

Dental implants are for you if you have the following dental concerns:

  1. A grossly decayed tooth that cannot be saved through root canal therapy and requires dental extraction.
  2. A missing tooth that has been gone for a long time.

Are dental implants painful?

No. Getting a dental implant is a mostly painless procedure. The area of treatment is numbed using local anesthesia. Dental sedation is also provided, depending on the patient’s needs. You will virtually not have any pain during the treatment. You will be prescribed painkillers to be taken at home.

Getting a crown after a dental implant:

Dental implants in Atlanta need three to four months to fuse to the jawbone. This healing period is referred to as osseointegration. Your dental implantologist will take X-rays after the waiting period to confirm healing; after which, you are good to go ahead with dental crowns.

Technology today has come up with same-day dental implants that replace the missing tooth on the same day of implant placement. We at Ace Dentistry Family Dental & Cosmetic Dentist are adept with technology and digital dentistry that help our patients find a tooth replacement on the same day!

The dental implant procedure:

The procedure for the placement of a dental implant takes about 30 minutes to an hour. You are prescribed the necessary antibiotics and painkillers to prevent any infection at the implant site. Your subsequent appointments are spaced over a period of three to four months.

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Coming to the million dollar question — are dental implants safe?

Dental implants in Norcross are absolutely safe for use and work well with the body. Here is what makes them biocompatible:

  • The primary material in dental implants is titanium. It is both bioinert and nonallergenic.
  • The best people to work with are implantologists because they are knowledgeable, experienced and certified in dental implantology.

Dr. Pallavi Rakesh has received advanced training in dental implants, allowing her to provide you with high-quality implant restorations. We will make your search for a dentist for implants near you easier by scheduling a quick call with Ace Dentistry Family Dental & Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta at 678-562-1555 or Ace Dentistry Family Dental & Cosmetic Dentist in Norcross at 770-806-1255. Book your consultation with our talented dentist and learn more about dental implants in Alpharetta or Norcross, Georgia.

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