How Much Do Crowns Cost With Delta Dental?

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Procedures like getting dental crowns are important for a healthy smile. This article delves into the cost of crowns with Delta Dental, offering insights for informed decision-making. Costs can vary depending on location and insurance coverage, but the average price typically falls between $500 and $1,500. Factors like crown material and additional procedures may affect the final cost. For precise pricing, it’s recommended to contact your Delta Dental provider.

How Much Do Crowns Cost With Delta Dental?

How Much Do Crowns Cost With Delta Dental?

When it comes to dental care, crowns are a common treatment option for restoring damaged or decayed teeth. If you have Delta Dental insurance, you may be wondering how much you can expect to pay for a crown. The cost of crowns with Delta Dental can vary depending on several factors, including your specific plan, the type of crown you choose, and your dentist’s fees. In this article, we will explore the average cost of crowns with Delta Dental and provide you with valuable information to help you understand the potential expenses involved.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Crowns

Several factors can influence the cost of crowns with Delta Dental. Understanding these factors can help you estimate the potential expenses and make informed decisions about your dental care. Here are some key elements that can affect the cost of crowns:

1. Type of Crown

The type of crown you choose can impact the cost. Delta Dental typically covers a portion of the cost for various types of crowns, such as porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-porcelain, or zirconia crowns. Each type has its own benefits and price range. Your dentist can guide you in selecting the most suitable option based on your specific needs and budget.

2. Dental Plan Coverage

Your specific Delta Dental plan will determine the coverage and benefits you receive for crown procedures. Some plans may cover a higher percentage of the cost, while others may require higher out-of-pocket expenses. It’s essential to review your plan details or contact Delta Dental directly to understand your coverage for crowns.

3. Geographic Location

The cost of dental care can vary depending on your geographic location. Factors such as local market rates, cost of living, and competition among dental professionals can influence the prices charged for crowns. It’s advisable to research the average costs in your area or consult with your dentist to get an accurate estimate.

4. Dentist’s Fees

Every dentist sets their own fees for dental procedures, including crowns. Dentists with more experience or specialized training may charge higher fees for their services. Additionally, the location and reputation of the dental practice can also impact the cost. It’s recommended to inquire about the fees charged by your dentist or get multiple quotes to compare prices.

Average Cost of Crowns with Delta Dental

  • Average cost of a dental crown: $1,000 to $3,000 per tooth (Delta Dental estimate).
  • Prices are approximate and subject to variation due to factors like location and materials.
  • Delta Dental coverage can reduce out-of-pocket expenses for crowns.
  • Coverage varies by plan, with Delta Dental covering a percentage, leaving you responsible for the rest.
  • To know your coverage, review your plan details or contact Delta Dental.

Benefits of Crowns

Crowns offer several benefits for individuals with damaged or decayed teeth. Some of the advantages of getting a crown include:

  • Restoring the appearance of a damaged tooth
  • Providing strength and support to a weakened tooth
  • Improving the functionality of a tooth for biting and chewing
  • Preventing further damage or decay to the tooth
  • Enhancing overall oral health and hygiene

By addressing dental issues promptly with crowns, you can maintain a healthy smile and avoid potential complications in the future.

Tips for Affording Crowns with Delta Dental

If you’re concerned about the cost of crowns with Delta Dental, consider the following tips to help make the treatment more affordable:

  • Review your dental plan: Understand your coverage and benefits for crown procedures under your Delta Dental plan. This will give you a clear idea of the expenses you can expect.
  • Get a pre-treatment estimate: Before undergoing the crown procedure, request a pre-treatment estimate from Delta Dental. This will provide an estimate of the coverage and your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Explore payment options: Speak with your dentist to discuss payment options. Some dental practices offer flexible payment plans or financing options to help you manage the cost of crowns.
  • Consider alternative materials: Depending on your needs, your dentist may recommend alternative materials for crowns that are more cost-effective without compromising durability or aesthetics.
  • Get multiple quotes: If you have the flexibility to choose your dentist, consider obtaining quotes from multiple dental professionals. This will allow you to compare prices and find a dentist who meets your budget requirements.

By implementing these strategies, you can navigate the cost of crowns with Delta Dental more effectively and make the most informed decisions about your dental care.


Understanding the cost of crowns with Delta Dental is essential for planning your dental treatment and managing your expenses. While the cost can vary depending on factors such as the type of crown, dental plan coverage, geographic location, and dentist’s fees, having a general idea of the average expenses can help you make informed decisions. Remember to review your dental plan details, explore payment options, and consider alternative materials or quotes from multiple dentists to ensure you receive the best value for your dental care.

Key Takeaways: How Much Do Crowns Cost With Delta Dental?

  • Crowns with Delta Dental can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,500.
  • The actual cost depends on factors like the type of crown and your dental plan.
  • Delta Dental may cover a portion of the crown cost, but you may still have out-of-pocket expenses.
  • It’s important to check your specific dental plan for coverage details.
  • Discuss with your dentist to get an accurate estimate of the cost for your specific case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors determine the cost of crowns with Delta Dental?

When considering the cost of crowns with Delta Dental, location, crown material, and procedure complexity play pivotal roles. Urban areas tend to be pricier than rural areas, and crown materials like porcelain and ceramic are costlier than metal or resin. The complexity of the procedure and the dentist’s treatment plan also affect costs.

Delta Dental, as an insurance provider, offers varying coverage depending on your plan. Some plans cover a portion of the cost, while others require more out-of-pocket expenses. For an accurate cost estimate tailored to your situation, it’s advisable to review your insurance policy or contact Delta Dental directly.

Are there any average cost ranges for crowns with Delta Dental?

The average cost of a crown with Delta Dental typically falls between $800 and $2,500 per tooth. This estimate considers factors like location, materials, and procedure complexity. However, actual costs vary based on individual circumstances. Consult a Delta Dental provider for a precise cost estimate tailored to your needs, insurance, and budget.

Does Delta Dental cover the cost of crowns?

Delta Dental offers coverage for dental procedures like crowns through various insurance plans, but the extent of coverage varies by plan, ranging from a percentage to a set fee schedule. It’s crucial to review your policy or contact Delta Dental to understand your crown coverage. Consulting with a Delta Dental-accepted dental provider is advised for treatment planning and estimating out-of-pocket expenses.

Are there any additional costs associated with crowns with Delta Dental?

Consider extra expenses when budgeting for Delta Dental crowns. An initial consultation fee, covering the assessment and treatment plan, is common. Preparatory procedures, like extractions or root canals, may also add costs. Discuss these with your provider to avoid surprises before proceeding with the crown treatment.

How can I find a dental provider who accepts Delta Dental insurance?

To find a dentist who accepts Delta Dental insurance, use the Delta Dental website’s provider search tool for local options. Contact Delta Dental for an in-network provider list or ask friends, family, or local dental societies for recommendations.

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

Final Summary: How Much Do Crowns Cost With Delta Dental?

The cost of dental crowns with Delta Dental varies based on factors like your specific plan and location. It can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on factors such as crown type, number of teeth treated, and geographic location. Delta Dental provides affordable dental coverage, but accurate information on costs and coverage should be obtained from your insurance provider. To make informed decisions about your oral health, consult with your dentist and insurance provider to understand the potential dental crown costs associated with Delta Dental, ensuring you receive proper care while managing expenses.

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