Have This Oral Hygiene Team for a Top-Notch Oral Health

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Oral hygiene is very important if you want a strong and healthy smile. However, oral hygiene isn’t as effective as you would like if you don’t have the proper oral hygiene team. What we mean by that is that your oral hygiene routine won’t help you if you use the wrong tools. So, to help you know which oral hygiene players to recruit on your oral hygiene team in Alpharetta, Georgia, our dentist, Dr. Pallavi Rakesh, is happy to give you some recommendations.

-Toothbrush: The toothbrush is your go-to guy. It’s the superstar on the team. This is because it cleans the surfaces of the teeth and keeps the smile in top-notch condition. Just make sure to use a toothbrush that has soft and well-rounded bristles. This will allow the brush to clean the teeth and care for the gums. Make sure the toothbrush has been approved by the American Dental Association.

-Toothpaste: The toothpaste is another well-rounded player that offers offensive and defensive talent. It can clean, whiten, and even strengthen the teeth. It’s important to use a paste that contains fluoride as well as a paste that has the ADA Seal of Approval.

-Floss: The floss is the most talented defensive player on the team. It cleans the spaces between the teeth that the toothbrush and toothpaste can’t clean. It removes plaque and bacteria to save the smile from tooth decay and gum disease, which are two serious dental issues. Feel free to use your favorite flossing product as long as it has been approved by the ADA.

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