We at Ace Dentistry Family Dental & Cosmetic Dentist proudly present to you our “before and after” gallery.

You may see some of the remarkable changes in the smiles and looks created by our dentist in Alpharetta. These procedures, ranging from teeth whitening to teeth straightening to dental implants using Chairside Veneers, Porcelein Veneers, Cosmetic crowns, Snap-on, Gingivectomy, Over denture, and All-on-4 are shown in these “before and after” pictures. These pictures will give you an idea of what the best dentist in Alphreatta and best dentist in Norcross is capable of and motivate you to make a well-informed decision about your smile makeover.


Q. Will I look similar after treatment?

A. Every patient is different, and dental treatments can produce different results depending on a number of variables, such as the patient’s oral health, the treatment plan and the patient’s adherence to recommended oral hygiene procedures. However, these images show actual patients and actual outcomes that we have attained at our clinic.

Q. How much time do these procedures take?

A. The length of your treatment will depend on the kind of care you receive. A thorough treatment plan outlining the anticipated time frame for your particular treatment will be given to you during your consultation.

Q. How much are these treatments going to cost?

A. Dental procedures can range in price depending on the patient’s insurance coverage and the treatment plan. During your consultation, we will give you a thorough estimate of the costs related to your treatment plan.


Chairside Veneers


Before and AfterBright White Hollywood Smile with Chairside Veneers

Before and AfterBonding on Tetracycline stained teeth

Before and AfterInstant Smile Makeover for chipped tooth with Chairside Veneers

Before and AfterSide effects of Acid Reflux Restoring smile back after acidic erosion using chairside veneers

Before and AfterStained teeth: Instant fix for Wedding Pictures using Chairside Veneers

Before and AfterGetting Rid of Discolored Fillings with Resin Fillings

Before and AfterFrom Chipped Discolored Spaced teeth to a Beautiful Smile using Chairside Veneers

Before and AfterDental Bonding for a Peg Lateral


Porcelain Veneer


Before and AfterA new beautiful smile to give confidence on a young model


Cosmetic Crowns


Before and AfterOpening up the bite to improve the appearance of Smile

Before and AfterDiastema closure to close the gap between two teeth

Before and AfterSmile makeover with Maryland bridge providing an affordable option with a natural looking replacement for a missing tooth

Before and AfterLife after 65 – The journey to a new smile

Before and AfterSmile restored with a post and core

Before and AfterChildhood trauma after an accident fixed with crowns

Before and AfterSmile makeover – Side effects of smoking include stained teeth, gum disease, bad breath, premature tooth loss

Before and AfterVeneer to fix a broken tooth and instant makeover

Before and AfterA New beginning after poor oral hygiene and smoking effect


Snap On


Before and AfterSnap-on Smiles: A smile makeover on a budget

Before and AfterSnap-on Smiles: A smile makeover on a budget




Before and AfterGingivectomy: The Best Way to Fix a Gummy Smile


Over Denture


Before and AfterRegain your confidence. The Life-Changing Benefits of Implant Overdentures for Improved Eating and Speaking

Before and AfterA New Smile, a New Life: Implant Overdentures Changed Everything for a 78-Year-Old


All on 4


Before and AfterAll-on-4 Hybrid Dentures with Spaced Front Teeth achieving a natural look

Before and AfterAll-on-4 Implant Dentures: A Natural-Looking and Feeling solution for Missing Teeth


Extractions & Implants


Before and AfterReviving Your Smile
The Benefits of Single Tooth Implants for Restoring Dental
Function and Aesthetics

Before and AfterWrestler’s Comeback Story: From Tooth Loss to Title Victory with Dental Implants