A Dental Bridge That Feels Loose Needs to Be Examined by a Dentist

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A dental bridge is typically created in a special dental lab to replicate a missing or extracted tooth. The special dental adhesive used to marry it to the two anchoring abutments is meant to rival the once natural bond between the dentin layers of each tooth and their respective tooth enamel layer.

As the years pass, poor oral hygiene practices can start to affect the health of the teeth that compromise the two anchoring abutments. This could potentially weak the once strong bond that held your dental bridge in place. A similar threat could also be posed by a recent dental trauma, such as an accidental blow to the mouth.

In a situation like this, you need to have the loose dental bridge examined as soon as possible by a highly trained dentist like Dr. Pallavi Rakesh.

After a basic examination, which will likely include a series of X-rays, Dr. Pallavi Rakesh will present you with the most effective treatment options. If both the anchoring abutments are healthy, Dr. Pallavi Rakesh might be able to clean your dental bridge and cement it back in place.

If an abutment has been damaged, Dr. Pallavi Rakesh might need to perform endodontic therapy to restore the sufficient structure necessary to secure a new dental bridge in place.

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