How do I enroll in the membership plan?
Enrollment is easy. Simply fill up the enrollment form above with some basic information and set up your first appointment. You can enroll other family members or dependents under the same profile.

What is the cost of Membership Plan?
First membership is $299/year, each additional member is $199/year.

What does the Membership Plan cover?
The membership will cover all your preventive care for an year, including cleanings (prophylaxis), exams, radiographs and upto 30% discount off most dental services.

  • 2 Basic Cleanings
    ($170 Value)
  • Full mouth X-Rays or Panoromic X-Rays
    ($120 Value)
  • 2 Exams
    ($161 Value)
  • 1 Flouride Treatment
    ($50 Value)
  • 2 Emergency Exams with Necessary X-Rays
    (during normal business hours)
    ($164 Value)
  • Around 30% Discount on All Other Services

For just preventive care, this would be a savings of $306. Should you require additional care, the savings are even greater as members receive a 30% discount off most dental services.

Is This Plan, a Dental Insurance?
Our Membership Plan is not dental insurance and can only be used at any locations of Ace Dental. However, there are no claims to file, or waiting periods to be met or pre-existing conditions that would limit the care that you need for you or your dependents.

Can I have the second cleaning anytime?
You need to have your first cleaning between months 1-6 and second cleaning between months 7-12. Services are used or lost, they cannot be carried over to next year.

In case of Perio maintenance, how many cleanings will I require?
Depending on the diagnosis and oral hygiene habits, the patient will be required to be seen 3 or 4 times for cleanings in a calendar year. The membership plan will cover 1st and 3rd cleanings. Patient will have to pay additional fees on the 2nd and 4th visits.

Where can I obtain services?
Services are available only at Ace dental Care in Alpharetta or Norcross locations. We invite you to call our office for more information about the plan.



  • NO Refund
  • Prices are a representative sample and can change without notice.*

For more information on the Gold Dental Plan, contact our office to speak with one of our dental professionals.