Do You Want a Dental Implant for Enhanced Dental Restoration?

If you are struggling to overcome tooth loss, Dr. Pallavi Rakesh and our team will gladly work with you to choose a custom solution for a missing tooth. You may find that dental implants are the ideal treatment to offer enhanced oral function and provide a strong, natural smile. To help you determine if a dental implant may be right... read more »

Your Smile Does Not Have to Be Incomplete Anymore

Are you missing any teeth from your mouth? Your smile does not have to be incomplete anymore. With a tooth replacement service such as dental implants, you can fill in all your gaps from lost teeth, and set you back on the path to oral health happiness. Listed below are some common benefits of dental implants: - Dental implants are... read more »

Making Smiles Strong Again with Dental Implants

Do you have a gap in your smile where a tooth used to be? Don’t let Christmas come around and show a gapped smile to your in-laws. Having a missing tooth can also cause tooth decay, tooth slippage, and gum disease. Come to Ace Dental Care and we can restore your smile with a dental implant, which will help prevent... read more »